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in the heart

of the capital

What if you could wake up every day to breath-taking views of the city, knowing an inspiring blend of culture, activity, and entertainment awaits right outside your window?

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With its prime location, endless amenities, and commitment to sustainability, OXY's value as an investment opportunity will only grow in the years to come.

Spacious, modern, and thoughtfully designed living spaces with spectacular views of Brussels ensure a high standard of living for tenants and homeowners alike.

OXY offers unbeatable access to everything the capital has to offer. All the perks of city life—including a magnificent panoramic view of the capital's bustling centre.

As a mixed-use building, OXY is a lively hub that never sleeps. With top-notch amenities, a thriving community of residents and businesses, and endless opportunities for work and play, OXY truly embodies the fast-paced energy of city life.

OXY's focus on sustainability and urban mining reflects a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, setting a standard for responsible urban development, and creating a community that is truly future-forward.

City livingredefined

Living at OXY means having a personal haven of tranquillity in the middle of an urban paradise. Pure sophistication, comfort, and convenience are united with spectacular city vistas for a harmonious balance between peaceful at-home pleasure and big-city buzz.


Modern andelegant design

OXY was designed by Snøhetta and Binst Architects. The first known as a renowned Norwegian architect, the second a local well-known architect shop, both known for their careful focus on environmental and cultural sensitivity. Expect modern and elegant design inspired by the elements, with plenty of natural light and open space that’ll make you feel connected and grounded in the heart of the city.

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